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Cool things for sexy codicologists and the medieval manuscripts lovers!

Sexy Codicology and the DMMapp are big projects, run by just two people and zero funding!
To pay the bills we decided to create posters, pillows, phone cases, and more, with images in the public domain and graciously made available by the respective housing institutions.
Here you will find beautiful illuminated manuscripts that we have ever so slightly enhanced so that they look good on your iPhone case, bag, pillow, etc.
Bring those medieval manuscripts out of the repository and under everyone's eyes again!

Sexy Codicology Pillow


Soft pillows full of early modern and medieval awesomeness! From printer's marks to single letters, passing through illuminated manuscripts and beautiful calligraphy.

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Aldus Manutius iPhone Cover

Phone Cases

Always wanted and illuminated manuscript folio as a cover of your mobile phone? Or maybe you prefer a classic printer's mark? We got you covered!

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Medieval Treasure Binding Poster

Art Print

Imagine your favorite illuminated manuscript folio. Now imagine it on your wall in all its beauty. What else do we have to say to convince you?

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Sexy Codicology Tote bag

Tote Bags

Go to your library in style. Get one of our tote bags with one of our desings! Studying early modern books? Aldus Manutius printer's mark! Medieval manuscript's fan? An awesome gothic script!

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Plantin Bed Cover

Duvet Covers

Maybe the Festina Lente mark is all you dream of? Or maybe it's the Constantia et Labore? Well, you are in luck! You can now go and sleep with your favorite printer's mark thanks to our duvet covers!

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Maybe a poster is too big? Maybe you would like something smaller? Or maybe something on canvas? On metal? There is something for every taste! Come and give a look.

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Keep the DMMapp running!

We have created the most complete list of libraries containing digitized medieval manuscripts. We also made an app that you can use to access these thousands of manuscripts. For free! What we earn here helps us pay the bills that come with such project!

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The Sexy Codicology logo! - That's us!

Sexy Codicology is made of only two ingredients: Love and Passion: Love for medieval manuscripts and Passion for new teconologies to access them. If you love old books but have passion for new things too, this is your logo.



Saint Hedwig of Silesia - A true masterpiece

A stunning miniature from Getty's Collection, portraying the Saint together with the venerating Duke Ludwig and his wife Agnes. Officialy known as Ludwig XI 7, f. 12v, it was made in Poland in 1353.

Saint Michael Battling the Dragon - An amazing full-page miniature

Made in Hildesheim, Germany in the 1170's and officially known as Ms. 64, f. 152. The miniature shows the archangel Michael, shield and speak in the dragon's mouth. He is surrounded by other angels fighting demons in the final battle before the Second Coming of the Messiah.