Ad Astra – The Leiden Aratea and the constellations in the early Middle Ages

Aries Leiden Aratea 34v


One of my biggest passions has always been astronomy: studying the names of the stars, the constellations’ myths, the planets’ movements. This passion has often met my other big love, medieval manuscripts, in the form of awesome astronomical manuscripts. The combination has always been fascinating to me: “Wow, someone hundreds (or thousands) of years ago was looking at the same stars I am looking at today, and was in love as much as me with the spectacle!” If you have ever had a chance to browse through an astronomical manuscript, you will have certainly noticed one thing: the constellations represented on parchment only seldom resemble the ones we see in the night sky. … Continue reading!

The Bamberg State Library’s Digital Collection

De natura rerum - Staatsbibliothek Bamberg Msc.Nat.1
De natura rerum – Staatsbibliothek Bamberg Msc.Nat.1

Today we are going to give a look at the Digital collection of Bamberg State Library. A fantastic collection of manuscripts, fully digitized, in high quality, and available for everyone to browse, explore, and study. … Continue reading!

Crowdfunding for the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders

prayer book of Mary of Guelders

The Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders needs help!

Ladies and Gentlemen, manuscripts lovers and culture defenders: there is a book in need of heroes! As some of you might have heard, the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders is in need of repairs. … Continue reading!

New digitized manuscripts from the Vatican Library!

Well, this is the third time here at Sexy Codicology that we are delighted to communicate that the Vatican Library has, once again, digitized and made available a few hundreds new manuscripts!

Since we started the DMMmaps project, the Vatican Library has more than doubled the number of digitally available books.Continue reading!

The Unique Petau – Rothschild Hours

Petau Rothschild Hours

Last year we received a message on our Facebook page; it was a request for help finding the name and information concerning a manuscript. On a late evening we went on a quest to do just that. What we discovered during the adventure was the Petau – Rothschild Hours. … Continue reading!