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As you might imagine, keeping the DMMmaps and the Sexy Codicology Blog websites alive has a cost. To help us cover these expenses, we have created some cool things to sell, thanks to the wonderful possibilities given by Public Domain license we now have the Sexy Codicology Store! We have taken some of the most beautiful manuscript leaves deriving from the great libraries that have made their content available for free, enhanced their colors, sharpened the details, and made sure that you can fulfill your dream of owning an illuminated manuscript in your household or office (in the form of posters. The real manuscripts belong in libraries.) You love Sexy Codicology more than you love manuscripts? Hopefully not, but if you want to profess your love for the blog to the outside world, or simply give us a hand, we created some Sexy Codicology merchandise!

We are experimenting with on-demand stores to get these products to you. We have chosen Zazzle for the posters and the merchandise. RedBubble for the iPhone covers (soon!).

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Illuminated Manuscripts Posters from the Sexy Codicology Store

De Rerum Sexy Codicology

Sexy Codicology Merchandise


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