What’s the Sexy Codicology Team up to?

Folio 15r, Saint Catherine in Her Study
We have been working a bit in the shadows lately, and we thought it might be interesting to share what we have been up to! There are news concerning both the DMMapp, the Sexy Codicology Blog. Let’s go with order:

DMMapp updates

  • The “Added Resources” tab is growing with new links.
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New libraries in the DMMapp: Medieval Bacon Edition

Apicius, De re culinaria Libri I-IX, Laridi coctura, Manuscript

We have received another four new links to digitized manuscripts and we have added them to the DMMapp! This time around, the resources come from Slovenia, the US, and France. Let’s give a look!

Digital Library of Slovenia – dLib.si

The Digital Library of Slovenia – dLib.si is home to an “undefined quantity” of digitized medieval manuscripts.Continue reading!

New Libraries on the DMMapp!

Astrologica - Chetham's MS Mun.A.4.99

It’s spring, the sun is shining, and the DMMapp has more links than ever thanks to the following additions:

We have also updated the link to the Biblioteca Teresiana which was reported as broken!Continue reading!

IIIF – The digitized manuscripts revolution we’ve all been waiting for!

Comparing two images of the evangelists, one from the Bodleian, the other from St. Gallen

We created the DMMapp to make it easier for you to find collections of digitized manuscripts – and IIIF is making it easier for you to view, study, and compare manuscripts. In this post we are going to tell you all about why it’s awesome! … Continue reading!

100 newly digitized manuscripts online

Add MS 11850 f. 10r - St. Peter

There is no way we could have come up with a better title. The British Library and the Bibliothèque nationale de France have just digitized 100 manuscripts, all dated between 700CE and 1200CE, and made them available online! The news is so awesome that as soon as we saw it on Twitter we decided we would write this post. … Continue reading!